Restylane                               $425

Restylane Lyft                       $625

Radiesse                                $525

JUV Ultra Plus            $525/full syringe – $262\half syringe  

Volbella                                 $350    

Botox                           $8.99/Unit for First time clients – $12.99

Dysport                       $8.99/Unit for First time clients – $12.99

Vitamin B12               $30/an injenction -$75\for 3 injections 

Chemical Peel           $100 or $150 peel + dermaplaning combo

What Fillers for What Areas?
Under Eyes- Restylane
Lips- Juvederm, Restlane & Volbella
Nasolabial Folds- Radiessse & Juvederm
Temples- Radiesse
Marionette Lines- Radiesse, Juvederm & Volbella

Botox/Dysport Average price range.
Between Eye brows (11’s) from $200
Forehead from $100
Crow’s Feet from $200
Bunny Lines (nose) from $100
Lip Flip (helps lips appear slightly bigger and helps with smokers lines) from $40
Eye brow lift from $140
Lip corners of the mouth from $40
TMJ (jaw pain/clenching) from $500
Under arm sweating from $1000
Migraines from $200

***It is very important to come in for a free consultation so that if you have any questions they can be answered. At that time your needs can be assessed for what product may be best and the amount needed based on your individual need. 


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